Becoming an official

The rapid growth of lacrosse has been gratifying. In any new area, such as ours, there is always a need for officials. The sanctioning of lacrosse by the SCHSL now makes lacrosse an official interscholastic sport in South Carolina's public schools. This creates an even greater opportunity for men and women who want to consider officiating our great game. The pay is commensurate with other sports and the opportunity to work a lot of games is evident. Our season begins in January and ends in May but there are other tournaments and clinics throughout the year where officials are needed.

USL Level 1 training is offered prior to the start the season.  Training consists of 8 hours of classroom sessions and 4-6 hours on-field. Classroom sessions are offered either in person or online, via Go-to-Meeting, starting in late December and run through January. The on field portion  is conducted at various locations throughout the state occurring in February.   


All  Officials are required to:

  1. Successfully complete the training and certification according to US Lacrosse (Level 1)
  2. Pay SCLOA membership dues.
  3. Maintain active membership in US Lacrosse.
  4. Attend the Annual meeting unless excused by the President and one regional meeting (including but not limited to a training meeting).
  5. Pass the annual examination and satisfy the official requirements for officiating
    at the appropriate level.
  6. Maintain professional and ethical standards while representing this Association.
  7. Maintain a suitable evaluation record.

To be eligible to work SCHSL Varsity Games officials must meet the following requirements:

  1. ​Meet all requirements above
  2. Register as a Boys Lacrosse Official with SCHSL.