Some common question regarding training are below.

How do I become an official?

All officials working varsity games in South Carolina must hold valid US Lacrosse level 1 certification.  Officials working South Carolina High School League games must also register as an official with the SCHSL.  All must be members in good standing with the SCLOA.

How do I get US Lacrosse certification?

US Lacrosse level 1 certification is a national certification conducted by authorized US Lacrosse trainers through out the United States.  The SCLOA generally conducts one training session per calender year in South Carolina.  Training sessions are also conducted in neighboring states (GA, NC, FL) throughout the year and are valid for SC.

Training length and cost?

This varies from session to session but minimum required time is eight hours classroom training and six hours on field training for level 1 certification.  This can be conducted with either an intense weekend seminar or meeting weekly for a few hours.  Format is determined by the trainer.